Full rate, availability (calendars) and distribution control from your Aabode.com dashboard control all your rates and distribution on one platform

Boost the online visibility of your property or properties by listing on over 60 booking platforms and even target your preferred guest demographic such as: .

Travel nurses Healthcare workers Mid term guests Pet owners Business travellers Work from anywhere "digital nomads" Military employees. Golf, Surf and Ski enthusiasts and more with the Aabode.com Channel Manager.

At Aabode.com we work with you to boost your marketing mix to be tailored to suit your individual property needs and control your rates.

We partner with you to increase your marketing by tailoring our solutions to meet your individual property needs

Transitions of your Aabode listings are seamless via our API connected channel manager with features like static push and pull content, price scaling and direct integrations with 60+ other OTAs booking channels.

There is no downtime. The transition is seamless and and it can run parallel with your existing channel manager until you are 100% ready.

Feel free to email: Sales@aabode.com
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